Your logo is the first point of contact with new clients and an important reminder to existing clients that you exist and are there to offer a product or service. The power of your company logo should not be underestimated, good or bad.

To be most effective your logo should comply with the following:
  1. It should be clean, neat and high quality
  2. It should be an accurate representation of your company
  3. It should be appealing to your target market
  4. It should be used consistently across all your branding.
How does yours measure up?

We currently offer 2 logo packages to help you make sure your company is properly represented and remembered.

Logo development for R1800
This includes research, generation of 3 concepts, 3 proof revisions, all your final logo files supplied in high resolution formats for you to use in print and online (jpg, png, pdf, eps).

Logo redraw for R800
If you don't have your company logo in the required high resolution formats necessary for good quality printing or to insert into your documents and online applications so that it looks clear and crisp, we can redraw your logo for you and supply you with the necessary files to use.
[Note: this cost is for a standard, fairly simple logo. Complex logos like crests or detailed illustrations will cost more.]

We’ve designed over 500 logos in the past ten years. Below are some of our favourites.
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