We're rebranding!

Firstly, big sorry that we haven't posted for a while. Our reason is a valid one. We're rebranding and also building a brand new WordPress website and online shop so our 'spare' time is being made use of constructively for a greater cause. You'll be able to see all the new stuff in the new year for our 20th anniversary in business. Woohoo!

Our new domain can be found at www.cosmic-creations.co.za.

We're adding some extra services especially for savvy business owners wanting to learn how to do their own design. If you're one of those, you'll love our Small Biz Superstars online course and also our new png picpacks. These are bundles of themed images with no backgrounds that you can pop on top of your own background using Canva, or Photoshop or any layer-supporting application.

Check out the demo video below for a quick look-see, then hop across to our new website landing page and sign up to our D.I.Y Designers mailing list where you'll receive monthly png freebies and updates on new packs that we've created and where you can grab them from. Yay!

Don't worry, we'll still be offering all our usual services so you won't be left behind.
We'll keep you updated in our monthly emailers so subscribe to those by clicking here if you aren't already on our normal list and want the latest low-down.
Get ready to celebrate with us!

Yours in small biz greatness,

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