Cindy Norcott's book and launch

FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2014

Last Friday I had an adventure. I left the office. Those of you who have been working with me for a while know that I’m a recluse. I seldom leave the  ‘safe space’ of my studio and venture out into the real world.

So where did I go? Only to the most awesome book lauch and 20th anniversary-in-business celebration of Pro-Appointments Cindy Norcott – at the Hilton nogal. I was definitely out of my comfort zone and a number of my clients who were also there were positively shocked to see me in a public place. Despite the drawback of my lack of social skills, I did have a super time, and after a decent breakfast we were entertained by the fantastic and spectacular Lisa Bobbert. Plus we each received a bunch of free goodies and a copy of Cindy’s book. Yay.

So, Cindy’s book: if you’re a small-business owner, or thinking of becoming one you should just buy it. We edited it and did the design, setting, layout and cover so I have read it a number of times and am just about to read it again. Mariannhill Press printed it. So just buy it. It is very aptly titled ‘How to be unstoppable and achieve more in business and life’, and besides being an interesting account of Cindy’s journey to where she is now, it is packed with motivational business stuff.

If you don’t know Cindy Norcott, you should. Besides being the founder and owner of award winning recruitment agency, Pro Appointments, she is also the founder of the Robin Hood Foundation, a motivational speaker, and business coach, and has won a bunch of awards. I’m not going to list them but if you buy the book you can discover them for yourself. How to be unstoppable very neatly outlines what you need to do to make your business happen. The way it is written (candidly and with some humour and fun thrown in) is a great reflection of Cindy’s very real, dynamic personality. It’s not a fat book, only about 160 pages so it’s easy to read in a short space of time. But read it with a pen and a notepad because you’re going to want to make your own notes to apply to your business.

It’s available at the following outlets: Books and Books in Durban North, Adams Bookstore in Musgrave, Stanley Stationers at the Village Market in Westville, at the Village News Agency (Kloof Village Mall), and from Pro Appointments in Westville.
I hope you get yourself a copy to help your small business grow.

Yours in small-business greatness,