Tasha's Fudge catalogue

We're having a sweet month! This is one of our fave pet projects recently completed. A brand spanking new product catalogue for Tasha's Fudge. We photographed all the products and put together their fun new catalogue so that they can print it and email it using the same layout. And yes, we got to sample more fudge than we probably should have. (Oops!)

We also designed their new fudge bar packaging - chalkboard style, their scrummy box packaging and we do all the designs for their customised bars as orders are placed.  You can see all of those in the catalogue pics below.

If you haven't tried Tasha's Fudge yet, you really have to. There are a zillion very yummy flavours, plus a totally moreish sauce. Aaaaand ... if you have your own biz, you can custom brand the bonbons and fudge bars with your logo. It's the perfect gift for special clients, corporate functions, or even wedding favours. Just visit their website and have a look around. You can buy online too. Off you go. Have fun!


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