Mazwi Rebrand

Today we share a rebranding project for Mazwi Burglar Guards and Safety Systems. Their previous company name was Mazwi Aluminium and Security Systems. And their logo was 2 dolphins on a blue and gold background. We changed it because 'security systems' sounds like a burglar alarm company, which they aren't, and dolphins just really do not reflect their brand.

The new logo we designed is made up of an M and a W (MazWi), overlayed to look like the double zig-zag pattern in the burglar guards they manufacture. The business has 2 divisions, burglar guard manufacture, which is self-explanatory; and safety systems which offers a home or business security analysis and upgrade even just for simple things like cutting away plants to increase visibility or installing stronger bolts on doors for homes that can't afford burglar guards, for example.

To help the client promote both aspects of his company effectively, we created 2 secondary logos, one for the burglar guards and one for the safety systems. The logo palette is brown and green with a gunmetal grey neutral. The primary logo is made up of both colours and the neutral. The burglar guard logo comprises brown (the colour of the manufactured product) and grey, with the focus on family. And the safety logo is green (outdoors/eco) and grey, with the focus on safety.

We also designed a pamphlet for each company division and also Facebook cover pics. You can see them live on their Facebook page, HERE.


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