S-Leadership branding

I was supposed to share this on Friday but time escaped me. Meh.
This is a project we've recently wrapped up for Success Princess (the main trading company), for the segment of their company, S-Leadership, which creates and co-ordinates leadership programmes to empower young females and help them break negative stereotypes that lead to barries in reaching their full potential.

Success Princess is a UK based company headed by Lavinia Cook. Lavinia wanted a logo and basic branding that would appeal to her target market, i.e. teenage girls, but that was also strong, empowering and not too girly, and carried over elements from her existing Success Princess brand. We kept the S and the crown icon but added a circular laurel wreath to represent aspirations and strength as well as togetherness and support. The colour palette consists of 8 bright retro shades to make the branding and advertising fun, versatile and exciting. We've stuck to charcoal grey as the primary shade as a reminder of the serious side of the business too.

I'm sure there will be more pieces coming up for this great project, which we will share as we complete them. If you're in the UK and know of any young ladies who could do with being empowered, please visit www.successprincess.co.uk for more info.


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