Welcome to 2016!


It's a new year, the best time to reassess the way you're managing your small business, whether it's just you who needs managing, or a bunch of staff members as well. And the best place to start is with your time management. We'll that's where we've started anyway. Just to keep you up to speed, we're sharing a list of changes we've made in the day to day running of Cosmic Creations to help us be more efficient, inspired, professional and creative.

In the last quarter of 2015 I almost burnt myself out which forced me to sit back during my December break, take stock and reassess what I was doing wrong. Once upon a time I had compiled a time schedule but somehow it had been bypassed and I found that I was just saying yes to everyone and everything and taking on too much in general, trying to get projects finished too quickly, and often not putting the necessary time and thought into some work that required it. This was causing me to work too late (often past 10 pm), resulting in a constant tiredness and general lack of mojo. I was eating the wrong things and hardly getting any exercise. Not good for ongoing inspired creative work. I also have my mom staying with me so I can look after her (she has cancer), necessitating specific eating and medication times that need to be adhered to. Things had to change otherwise I was going to end up in a loony bin. These are the changes I've made.
  • Getting up earlier to exercise (6.30 to 7.30am).
  • Limiting email correspondence to 3 times a day only.
  • Limiting social media time to once a day (excluding work projects, of course)
  • Dedicating a section of my morning work hours (10am to 1pm) to proof revision work only.
  • Taking a 30 minute lunch break away from my desk.
  • Focusing on not more than 2 new projects during each afternoons (1.30 to 4.30pm)
  • Actually scheduling time to update my online diary and plan projects for the next day (5-6pm)
  • Scheduling time during the week to work on my own marketing (Monday afternoons).
  • Scheduling time for family and to actually have supper (6-8pm)
  • Scheduling time for reading (8-9pm)
  • Getting to bed by 9pm and being asleep by 10pm.
  • Not working on the weekends
  • Letting clients know that I have a strict work schedule that has to be adhered to and that I don't have unlimited amounts of time to work on projects.
  • Charging a 30% acceleration fee on last-minute orders that will require work after hours.

We've been back at work a whole week already and so far out new schedule is working out very well. I'm sharing these not only to let everyone know how things will be working during 2016 but also, hopefully, as inspiration to anyone who needs inspiration to make changes and create more balance between work, family and 'me' time. And also so that I can go back to this post regularly to make sure I'm on track all year long.

We also have some other changes lined up like a revamp of our website, some more freebies coming your way, a great new way to promote your business on Facebook, and other stuff. So make sure you're following us on Facebook and are subscribed to our emails.

Here's to an amazing year ahead!

Yours in small business greatness.


Published 15 Jan 2016

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