The importance of consistency

Yesterday morning while on the treadmill, I was listening to an Amy Porterfield podcast (I think it was No. 85) when she mentioned something that virtual mentor Michael Hyatt had said that really makes sense when it comes to marketing your small business. He said:

"If you're not consistent, you're non-existent."

Think about it. It's totally true.

I'm writing this post because in my 20 years of designing for small businesses, it's those clients who consistently promote themselves by putting out flyers, emailers, Facebook adverts, interesting blogposts, etc, whose businesses grow and thrive. The opposite is true for clients who aren't consistent. I can't count how many small businesses I've designed great once-off ad campaigns or marketing pieces for that didn't do it consistent and so have closed their doors.

Consistency is all about being top of mind to your audience, all the time. And, as Ms Porterfield suggests, 'Just start by choosing one thing to be consistent with'. Whether it's a daily Facebook post, a weekly blog, monthly newsletter, whatever you decide. Do it, and do it regularly. And the more often you do it, the easier it will become.

Here's a list of 10 simple marketing ideas you can start with. Just choose one and keep it up. Add another when you feel you can manage two:
  1. Share one post to your Facebook business page every day.
  2. Share one pic to your Instagram account every day (remember to use hashtags).
  3. Compile a promotion or special every month and share it on social media and to your email list.
  4. Send out a short but interesting emailer every 2 weeks (use MailChimp).
  5. Run a competition once a month via email and social media.
  6. Host a workshop or info day around your product or service once a month.
  7. Start a blog and post something interesting once a week (on the same day).
  8. Run a weekend paid promotion (page boost or post boost) on your Facebook page every second weekend.
  9. Start a Whatsapp group for your clients (we're about to) and share something fun but short every day.
  10. Post or share a tweet to your Twitter feed once a day.
And that's it! Consistency is king. Have a great weekend.

Published 29 Jan 2016

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