SFT branding

Today we share a branding project completed for Shankarananda Food Trust. This is a non-profit initiative that runs a feeding scheme for underprivileged members of the organisation's local community.

The company name, 'Shankarananda' is a reference to the Hindu deity, Shiva, whose symbol is the 3 ashen stripes and red dot that are characteristically found on the forehead of Shiva devotees. The bowl, hands and heart serve as representation of the feeding initiative and the caring of the volunteers involved, while the clipped oval background shape is a silhoutte of the Shiva Lingam, another symbol of the Shiva deity.

The final rendition is a simple 2 colour composite easily produced in a single colour if necessary, for economical print. Also designed for the trust was a set of stationery and marketing items that can be seen below.

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