Whimsy-Lou branding

So. I have this other small business I'm growing slowly on the side. (I know, like I have time for that.) Anyway, it initially started off as a way to de-stress on the weekends and get away from sitting at my desk all day because it's something creative that I can do standing up at my studio table and gets me moving around.

Like any creative, stationery obsessed nut, I have drawers and boxes and envelopes of bits and pieces of scraps kept from creative projects: bits of paper, ribbon, book pages, string, paint, washi tape, crepe and tissue paper ... you know - lots of 'hoarded junk' (as the hubby calls it). One day I was cleaning (yes, for real) and contemplating throwing it all out when the craft fairy convinced me to keep it and use it to make stuff. I wasn't exactly sure what, but had some ideas and after some long and extremely joyful hours on Pinterest I was fully inspired to start making vintage-type recycled paper 'stuff' out of all my scraps - just for fun. It started with a few paper flowers, then moved onto roses, bunting, and other bits and pieces. It's still very much in experimental stages but growing slowly. I have a Facebook page now and a little website and online shop. The little venture is called 'Whimsy-Lou Vintage Paper Crafts'. I called it that because I love all things whimsical and when I was little I used to add 'loo' onto the end of any word ending with an 'L', like 'snailoo', bundleloo' - like that. So I glued the 2 together to get Whimsy-Lou. I haven't advertised it much but have already received requests for orders from a number of retailers to stock my products.

Besides all that, the purpose of this post is to actually share the branding I've designed for the project. I've photographed most of the products to include in advertising material. It's been so much fun that I thought I would put it on here for everyone to see. Enjoy.

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