Luke & Lauren wedding stationery

Today we're sharing wedding stationery design completed a short while ago for Lauren & Luke Moore. Initially they would have liked handmade invites but, for convenience sake, they opted for an electronic invite instead and with little printed brochures detailing info on how they met each member of the entourage.

The overall look and feel was to be quite rustic and organic. The electronic invitations consisted of 3 items: the invitation proper with a clay leaf seal we made and photographed especially, directions and accommodation options, and gift registry info. The bridal couple wanted a tree/leaf them to run throughout their stationery so we created a tree branch with 2 lovebirds and floating leaves in a simple iconic style and carried it across the 3 items and their brochure.

Lauren really liked the idea of making her own covers for the booklets so we provided her with the components to do this: printed inner pages, blank kraft board covers and a custom designed stamp. She punched and tied them together with string, stamped the covers and finished them off with a strip of washi tape. The newlyweds sent us a really great review on their stationery. You can read it below the images.

"When I started looking for stationery vendors and designers for our wedding I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. I know what I like but unfortunately I'm not a very creative person. I really needed someone to help me transform the ideas in my head into reality. My husband suggested Jo after having worked with her on a corporate project a few years before and mentioning how great she was. Our initial meeting consisted of me showing Jo a few examples of ideas that we had found on pinterest. Nothing was exactly what we wanted, but we discussed our thoughts and ideas with Jo and left her to work her magic. A short while later we received a very pleasant surprise in our inboxes - Jo had captured what we wanted for our invite almost to a tee, it was absolutely amazing! She assisted me with making brochures for our ceremony, and although I had left these a bit late she calmly and efficiently designed and assembled them without any issues or concerns. She also designed a custom-made stamp which we used as a running theme throughout our stationery. Jo has an amazing ability to read her clients and use her creativity to bring their ideas to life in ways even better than initially imagined. She is also incredibly helpful, and assisted me in sourcing various stationery and decorative paraphernalia from all over Durban. I would have been at an absolute loss without her help and we would recommend Jo's services without a moment's hesitation."

Lauren & Luke

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