Logo leftovers for sale

We design a LOT of logos, with the result that there are always a bunch of left over logo concepts that are still great but aren't used. So we thought that, instead of them collecting cyberdust in our server, we would put them out there for you to buy at the discounted price of R500 each.

We've selected 12 of our favourites to start with. We've included a guideline business type on some of them but you may feel that any one of them will work for your business. All colours and fonts are editable, and all of the logos included here can be reduced to a single colour image, often required for specific applications like foiling, embossing, stamps, vinyl cut-outs etc. Single-colour thumbnails can be viewed below the main images.

If you would like one of our left over logos for your company let us know and we'll insert your company name and description/tagline and email it to you so you can see how it looks. Once you have paid for your new logo we will remove it from our 'shelf' so that no one else can buy it. When we send you your new logo it will be supplied in a number of formats that you can use in documents and email stationery (jpg), online (png) and for printing (eps/pdf), in high and low resolution files.

Just drop us an email to design@cosmic-creations.net with the number of your favourite option. Yay to a brand new company image!

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