Make your own inspirational quotes

We had the most fun and amazing time putting this post together. It's a DIY tutorial on making your own inspirational quotes that you can use to promote your small business, for birthday or holiday ecards, or just for your own merry entertainment. The big plus is that you don't really need to be creative at all.

All you need is ...
  • a cellphone with a decent camera and a few effects and filters, and a square or crop option
  • some sheets of white or coloured paper and/or a chalkboard or whiteboard
  • writing implements for above (chalk, markers, paint, etc)
  • bits and pieces of fun stuff (we used dried flowers, leaves, ribbon, fairy lights, etc)
  • an area with ample workspace, outside is good too
  • a list of your favourite short quotes

How to do it ...
  • start by writing out one of your favourite quotes onto your writing surface
  • 'decorate' the area around your text with your 'stuff'
  • photograph it with your phone
  • apply any effects or filters you want to
  • upload to your website or social media page, or send to your computer.
Your final pics should be square because this is the best shape for viewing on Facebook and social media platforms.

Other ideas
  • Use the same method to create website or social media banners (rectangular, not square)
  • Use ready-made letters for your text, or cut out letters from magazines
  • Think of unusual surfaces you could use for different themes, e.g. a towel or sand for a beach quote
  • Cut out your logo or website address from your business card and place it discreetly underneath the quotation as your 'watermark'.
  • Share your original quote designs on Facebook and Pinterest to get extra exposure

Here are the inspirational quotes we made up yesterday. We used potpourri flowers, scrabble pieces, chalk and our slate floor, a dark wooden platform outside, a breadboard, woolies sherbert lollies, jam blobs, peanut butter, flower petals and leaves, ribbon, rhinestones, gemstones, christmas lights, pens and pencil crayons, the office cat's tail. Basically stuff that was lying around the studio and house. We didn't go out and buy anything specially.

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