How about a great deal?

Happy Friday! We hope everyone's had a great week.
For anyone who hasn't noticed yet, we've been running a little deal to help you get your small-business noticed. If you order an A5 or A6 flyer for R300 you get a matching Facebook banner for free. So far it has been quite popular!

Consistency is so important when you're advertising your business or promoting a product or service. The great thing about this little deal we're running is that you get a lot more use out of it than just a flyer and a facebook banner. This is what you can do with your files:
  1. Use the print file to print out flyers to distribute in your area and pop into post boxes.
  2. Share the electronic version of the flyer on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  3. Email the electronic version to your mailing list.
  4. Upload the banner to your Facebook page to maximise online exposure.
  5. Use the banner as your email header for the duration of your promotion.
  6. Use the banner on your website for added online visibility.
 In case you're wondering how they turn out, here are four flyer/banner specials that were ordered from us during June. Just drop us an email if you want one to help you maximise your small-business.

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