Quick quiz: is your logo legit?

Right folks, here it is: the quiz we promised you last week. Do it to find out if your logo is working the way it should be. Is it a keeper, or should you trash it and start from scratch? Maybe it's your nasty logo that's affecting your turnover and causing clients to go elsewhere. 

Have your logo handy in a Word document, with your printer ready to go. Do the quiz. The moment of truth has arrived. And we don't need to tell you where to come if you need a logo revamp or a sparkling new one. We'd love to hear your feedback. Post your comments or email us at design@cosmic-creations.net. Have fun!

  1. How many different images can you count in your logo?
(a) one
(b) two
(c) three
(d) more than three

  1. How many different colours can you count in your logo?
(a) only one
(b) two
(c) three
(d) more than three

  1. How was your logo created?
(a) I paid a designer to do it.
(b) A friend made it for me for free.
(c) I found it on the internet.
(d) I made it myself in Word/Paint/Powerpoint.

  1. How many different fonts does your logo have?
(a) just one
(b) two
(c) three
(d) more than three

  1. What does your logo look like if you convert it to solid black?
(a) pretty much the the same
(b) a bit hazy
(c) I can just make it out
(d) a black blob

  1. What happens to the text if you shrink your logo to 2cm square and print it out?
(a) it’s still very legible
(b) it’s fairly legible
(c) I can just make out what it says
(d) it’s too small to read

  1. What happens to your logo when you enlarge it to the size of an A4 sheet and print it out?
(a) it's clean and crisp
(b) it’s a little bit fuzzy
(c) it’s quite fuzzy and a bit ‘blocky’
(d) it’s very fuzzy and ‘blocky’

  1. Show your logo to someone who hasn’t seen it before. Let them look at it for 3 seconds. How much of it can they remember?
(a) all of it
(b) just the colour/s
(c) the shape/s and colour/s
(d) only the text

  1. What do other people / clients have to say about your logo?
(a) Cool logo! Who did it?
(b) Nice logo.
(c) What’s that?
(d) They don’t say anything.

  1. How do you feel when you hand out stuff with your logo on it?
(a) Proud and confident.
(b) Okay, it’s doing the job.
(c) Nothing, really. It’s just a logo.
(d) I cringe because I need a new one.

Check your score:
Mostly As: Your logo sounds like it’s working how it should! Awesome.
Mostly Bs: It seems that your logo is ok, but maybe needs a little tweaking.
Mostly Cs: Hmmm… your logo is in need of an upgrade
Mostly Ds: It’s time for a whole new logo!

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