Dads' day stock photos

Any small-business owner who knows how important marketing is for their company, will know the benefits of making use of community events and holidays to promote their product or service. Well, Fathers' Day is coming up in two weeks so now's the time to start thinking about how you're going to promote what you do to dads, or to kids looking to spoil their dads.

To help you, we've just finished photographing a set of dad-related stock images that you can use for free when you order a Fathers' Day promotional item from us. We've selected four favourite South African dude-activities: fishing, mountain-biking, diy, and braaing, that you could use in a themed Dads' day promo. So get creative and get thinking!

Here are some ideas to start you off:
 1. An addictive giveaway voucher that'll get dads hooked on your product or service with the fishing theme.
2. An emailer related to your product and the ups-and-downs of life using the mountain bike theme.
3. A competition-based promotion to win a product or service using the diy theme.
4. A braai-hamper raffle where a lucky dad/s can win a bunch of braai stuff using the braai theme (this is also a great way to build up an emailing list).

And there you go. Below are samples of some of the pics we've taken that will be available for you to use. On your marks, get set .... GO!

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